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A Helpful TTY (ah-tty)

VA Linux Systems

Project overview

Synopsis: Ah-tty is an automatic helper for command prompts and shells.
The audience: All shell users. Primarily this is for novice shell users who would like (or need) feed back and advice about the command they are trying to use or want to use. This is also appreciated by some advanced users who enjoy the information it provides about the subtle features in the shell language and cognitive aids (tricks', and spellings of commands).
Implementation: Internally ah-tty is a terminal emulator with a lookup engine. The terminal emulator portion is responsible for manage the display and user input. This input is matched against patterns in a database. The matching patterns trigger the display of appropriate messages.

Screen shots

Check out a basic screen shot of ah-tty running inside of an xterm: ScreenShot

Documents and other details

The entirity of the documentation can be found starting here

A technote on How to see ah-tty in color

Documentation was updated August 26, 2000

When is 1.0 coming out?

Quick update: I've been busy with a new 4-month old; bug hunting has slowed, obviously. Feel free to offer to help, if you like

Version 0.3.12 is the second candidate for v1.0; it fixes some VT100 bugs that have come up with some common programs. It appears very close to being "right"

Version 0.3.11 is the first candidate for v1.0; it fixes an earlier bug with man paging

Version 1.0 will come out when one minor bug are finally quashed:

I am working hard on each of those and as soon as they're done, 1.0 will be ready.

Code. Sweet, delicious Code

You can submit bug reports, ask questions, and such at the "main" page.

You can download version 0.3.12 at http://download.sourceforge.net/ah-tty/ah-tty-0.3.12.tar.gz

You can always find the latest downloads at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=7283


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